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Chris de Burgh - images presentation


Image: preview of 'Picture The Lyrics' photograph presentation

The stunning photographs used to make this presentation were taken by Mark Green. As Mark, a fan of Chris de Burgh for many years took more and more pictures, he started to envisage song titles and lyrics that would suitably encapsulate the images.

This presentation of fourteen of Mark's photographs can be viewed with or without the accompanying music.

Image: Mark Green“I have been a Chris De Burgh fan since 1989 when, completely by chance, I heard some of what I later realised was the 'Flying Colours' album. My parents had just had guests staying - in my room whilst I had to have the living room floor! - and one of them left behind this blank tape, a memorex blank tape. So, out of curiousity I put it on and this most amazing, sensitive music and voice flooded the room. It had a profound effect on me. I was held spellbound through Sailing Away, broke down in tears to Carry Me, and was enchanted by Tender Hands. At this point it was time to go out but I later returned to the tape. Great stuff. For Christmas 1989 I got 'Spark to a Flame' . I could not believe how virtually every song appealed to me, in a really big way, and I've been a fan ever since.



My photography really took off ten years later, in October '99 when, just like with that blank tape, I had a lucky find. I came out of the woods to see that two swans were swimming very fast towards each other in the lake. I suspected I was in for a magic moment and got the camera out ready. They met in the centre of the lake and appeared to kiss, just for a few moments. This picture can be seen within the collection here. Since then I have been taking pictures mainly of landscapes, but landscapes in surreal and evocative conditions, with rainbows, moody skies and sunsets. I find myself drawn to such things. All the pictures for this feature are from Somerset, England, mostly from the countryside around Somerton and Taunton, with that swans one being from Otterhead Lakes.”

©markgreen stevebennett2007

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