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Chris de Burgh  'The Storyman' - International Singer and Songwriter

Chris de Burgh - "The Storyman" 2006 - by Steve Bennett

The new studio album "The Storyman" (catalogue number 0174542ERE) will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on October 6, 2006 and in UK/Eire on October 9, 2006."

The initial shipment of `The Storyman' is available as a special limited edition digi-pak containing 2 books – one The Stories behind the songs and the other The Lyrics.

Front cover of the new album from Chris de Burgh : The Storyman.





This new album will be accomanied by a series of concerts of in which Chris will be reunited with his band. The concerts will have performances encompassing his epic material from the past - alongside new stories yet to be told.


"One World" is currently the first single taken from "The Storyman" (catalogue number 0174775ERE) and has been released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on September 22, 2006 and in UK/Eire on September 25, 2006. This 3 track Single also includes the bonus track “Day After Day” which is not featured on the album. The third track “The Storyman” is the title track of the forthcoming album.

This up-tempo track sees Chris performing with a band again and also features backing vocals by the renowned all female African singing group "The Mahotella Queens". >>video >>buy

So what to expect of this new CdeB album: The Storyman.

Chris de Burgh says:"I invite the people who hear this to a journey through time and space", "through far off countrys and places, which build the scene of the stories.

Many of the songs go back to the roots of the musical motives of the countries they come from, and are also recorded with the help of local musicians. For example you can hear the London russian choir in Leningrad. "My father's eyes" is a duet with the egyptian singer Hani hussein, who got 2nd in a version for star academy, which was produced for the near east lately. The song "Spririt" is supported by the african trio The Mahotella Queens. "Raging strom" is a duet with Kristyna Myles, the winner of the BBC competition Busker of the year. "Mirror of the soul" is supprted by the Chamber choir of the Dublin marlborough College, whre Chris used to study himself once upon a time...

Six of the Storyman songs have been recorded in the legendary London Abbey Road Studios, during a live session with 90 members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This orchestra will not be there on tour when CdeB will start his 18 month world tour, which will lead him to 8 german towns in Nov/Dec. But at least after 3 years Chris will stand on stage with a band again. "I want the people to feel like being in a cinema", says de Burgh.”

Read The Storyman album review from Chris High

About the album, CdeB has also said the following on

  • "There are sounds on this record that you will have never heard before, certainly on one of my records. Because every song is designed to be viewed like a film. There is an accompanying story, and I want, when you listen to it, people to immerse themselves in the pictures that I am creating, using sounds from all over the world, from Africa, from Russia, from France, you name it, it’s in there."
  • "I decided to make quite a few of the songs in the Storyman project have a very strong ethnic background, as people will hear when they hear the instruments. Arabic music, African music, Russian music, etc."
  • "I have written a song on my new album called “The Mirror Of The Soul”, which takes us into a monastery in the 15th century in the Dordogne area of France."
  • "On my new album a song called “The Shadow Of The Mountain”, I hold a note quite a long time."
  • "There’s a song that you might want to listen to on my new album, called “Spirit”, when it comes out. That took me 5 minutes to write it, because there was such an intense emotion attached to this particular song, that it took me only a few minutes.."

The tracklisting for the new album is:

1. The Storyman Theme
2. One World
3. Leningrad
4. My Father's Eyes
5. The Grace Of A Dancer
6. Spirit
7. The Shadow Of The Mountain
8. Raging Storm
9. The Mirror Of The Soul
10. The Sweetest Kiss Of All
11. The Storyman
12. My Father's Eyes (Chris de Burgh with Hani Hussein)

Listen to soundclips from the album

Chris who was interviewed at the start of 2006 on Canadian radio also said the following: “My next project is called 'The Storyman' and it looks carefully at all sorts of different stories, not from the past but this stuff I'm am writing is in the same genre as Spanish Train.”

(Interviewer) “Have you ever thought about writing a novel or collection of short stories?”

Chris de Burgh - 2006 'The Storyman' (CdeB)
“Well curiously you should say that, because concurrent with this project I'm going to be putting out is my vision in a short story, of what actually happens in the song - and this does two things: one it allows you to read a story on it's own without necessarily having to listen to the record; also that you can fill in the gaps in your own imagination. It's an interactive thing - rather than having images thrown at you that you accept you actually have to think about it yourself and work it out.”

To expand on the album further, the 'Man On The Line' section of also had this quote: “The Storyman” is very much back in that old vein of stories, which have got nothing to do with looking at whether a song is radio-friendly or whatever. It is just each song will be treated on its own as an epic, a journey."

"The Storyman" is going to revisit some of those early stories like "The Tower", "Spanish Train". Maybe slightly more obscure ones like "Just Another Poor Boy". And hopefully reviving them and giving them a new life, because it comes back to that old thing that if you write a story and it's a good story you can tell it anytime, any year to anybody. And I've always believed that with my own songwriting. And if you look at a lot of songs that are current or indeed in the last 20 years, the memorable ones are good strong melodies usually with a good strong idea behind them. But very few of them are stories. And that's why I believe that to concentrate on the things that I write, the stories, hopefully will give my songs a much longer life."

'The Storyman'
concerts will start with a single UK concert and then progress to Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands in late 2006. In total there will be an extensive 18-month world tour.

Tour Dates:
September 23 - Killarney, Ireland, INEC (Gleneagle Hotel)

November 2006
Saturday 18 UK - Birmingham NEC - Only UK show
Tuesday 21 Bayreuth Oberfrankenhalle
Wednesday 22 München Olympiahalle
Friday 24 Frankfurt Festhalle
Saturday 25 Dortmund Westfalenhalle
Monday 27 Hamburg CCH 1
Tuesday 28 Berlin Max Schmeling Halle
Thursday 30 Zürich Hallenstadion - Only Swiss show

December 2006
Friday 1 Stuttgart Schleyerhalle
Sunday 3 Düsseldorf Philipshalle
Monday 4 Amsterdam Heineken Music Hall - Only
Dutch show

Chris de Burgh outlined image

To book tickets for 'The Storyman' tour 2006 -


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