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Chris High
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Chris High : author and freelance writer

Freelance writer and author Chris High has been writing since the age of eleven and has had many articles, Short Stories and Reviews published, some of which can be seen here.
These include Untrained Melodies (produced in 2003) after a close collaboration with international recording star, Chris De Burgh.

Chris has successfully completed his B.A. in History / American Studies at Liverpool Hope University College where he gained a 2:1 Certificate.

Chris High - Freelance Writer and Author.
Freelance writer and author

“Studying history and literature has benefited my fiction writing no end. Especially from a research point of view” he says. “My time at Hope was amongst the most rewarding and happiest of my life.” Chris completed his MA in 2006 at Liverpool John Moores University and is now a regular contributor to many magazines, including The Radio Times, Writing Magazine and Writers' News, as well as offering a promotional service for authors and other artists. “There are opportunities opening up that just would not have materialised were it not for the M.A.

This site is dedicated to Chris' late Mum and Dad - Louise and Pat - and writers and Artists everywhere, past and present.

Chris High reviews books, movies, albums, theatre performances and gigs.

Favourite experiences, authors & artists. This is a review section of books, movies, albums, theatre performances and gigs - updated weekly.

Untrained Melodies: 12 short stories inspired by the songs of Chris de Burgh
   So, you may be asking, why the title of 'Untrained Melodies'?
Well the 'Untrained' I got from Chris de Burgh's hit song Spanish Train and, as I've played around with the content a little of all the songs that I've chosen here as inspiration, Untrained seemed to fit ideally. As for
the 'Melodies', I've tried to be as rhythmic as possible in the writing of the Tales, so as to mirror the natural tempo of the original melodies.
Untrained Melodies Interactive CD-Rom for PC
This despite the fact that the Tales are derived from, rather than based upon, the original songs themselves. I have tried to bring my personal interpretation to Chris de Burgh's work and I hope that you - his fans - will be as pleased with the results as I am.

Why not listen to a short streaming audio interview with Chris High from 2001?
This extract is from the full interview contained on the Untrained Melodies CD-Rom -
To listen you will need the free Real Player plug-In - FOUND HERE

Chris High has been writing for some 25 years and has built up quite a collection of work. Why not check out some of his non CdeB related tales. -

Like to put a question to Chris High or even just say Hello?
Then Chris would love to hear from you, please get in touch -

Writing gets me away for a while' from this world and into one where I, alone, can make or
break the rules as I see fit.” - Chris High 2003.
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