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Dreaming  online short story written by Chris High
“Down by the beach they sit and dream.
Tired old men, with thoughts they keep hidden, watch as the boat pulls into the harbour with a fresh delivery. The show is as noisy and as over the top as ever. It's always like this on Delivery Day. Somehow I doubt that it will ever change...”

DREAMING  Written by Chris High.
This is a man who finds escape in the act of closing his eyes to dream of the girl he has left so very far behind.

This short story written by Chris High is available only online.
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Chris High - online narration - Dreaming
Chris High

After reading this tale inspired by a Chris de Burgh song, why not find out what the inspiration behind the story was.

Inspiration behind Dreaming - read

Inspiration behind Dreaming - real audio version


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“Writing gets me away for a while' from this world and into one where I, alone, can make or
break the rules as I see fit.” - Chris High 2003.
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