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Ashley Dyer - crime fiction author

Graeae’s Reasons to be Cheerful celebrating the life of Ian Dury and highlights disability benefit cuts, hits Liverpool this October

Daniel Taylor Production Company, are set to return to Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre in 2018

Review: Cilla -The Musical at The Liverpool Empire Theatre

Chester’s Storyhouse All Set for Inaugural Run of Touring Comedy, Music & Drama

If I Die Tonight book review



Two Nights book review



The Spy's Daughter book review



Link: Martin Edwards Crime Writing Blog

Vitamin Angel website - click here.

Vitamin Angel Alliance, a non-profit organization, was created in 1994 to fight malnutrition and childhood blindness around the world.


Website of Jimmy Lee Shreeve: Author and Journalist

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Transform how your body looks, feels and performs.



Chris High: Author and Freelance Journalist: Crime Fiction Book Reviews. Theatre, Music and Film Reviews, News, Interviews and Promotions. WELCOME !!

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Chris High

I hope that you enjoy your visit to this, my very own writing showcase. There are several of my pieces to read under the Chris High Other Tales links. There are also Reviews of books, movies, albums and theatre presentations - past and present – alongside a Links Page that has useful resources for the aspiring writer.

There are also many other features, such as the section dedicated to Chris De Burgh, without whose support the Untrained Melodies project would never have been as successful as it has been.

Please take a moment, too, to sign the Guest Book. But, for now, kick off your shoes, get comfy and browse awhile. Link to Facebook

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Chris High Author and Freelance Journalist specialising in Crime Fiction, Theatre and Music Reviews, Interviews and Promotions.

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Chris High Feedback Quotes

“Dear Chris, It's a real pleasure to answer your questions. Thank you so much for your delicate words and understanding off The Stone boy. I hope my answers will be correct. I mean, my English is not good as it should be. ”
Sophie Loubiere - author of 'The Stone Boy' . REVIEWED HERE

“Thanks a bunch, Chris! And thanks for the rockin review. Much appreciated! All the best, Amanda . ”
Amanda Kyle Williams - author of 'Stranger in the Room' . REVIEWED HERE

“Hi Chris, I hope you got my facebook note—and intense, huge thank you for your
review! Really, that meant so much to me, it was absolutely thrilling.. ”
Gillian Flynn - author of 'Gone Girl' . REVIEWED HERE

“ Your review was amazing, thank you so much. You made my week! I so appreciate you taking the time to read Creep and offer your thoughts. Reviewers like you really do make the difference in what people choose to read, and I’m so grateful for your site. Thank you for the interview. ”
Jennifer Hillier - author of 'Creep' . REVIEWED HERE

"Hi Chris, I came across your online review of my book, KILL ME ONCE, and I wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for taking the time to read, review and feature it on your website. I really appreciate it. Also, for the very kind words you had to say!
You really made my day!"
Jon Osborne - author of 'Kill Me Once' . REVIEWED HERE

Derren Brown“Chris, Thank you so much for such a lovely review. I have been twittering it mercilessly to the amusement of 400k followers. We're all really chuffed and hugely grateful, so thank you from all of us. Frondest wishes, Derren.”

Derren Brown - 'Enigma' Tour 2010' REVIEWED HERE

“Thank you for the wonderful note, the tremendous review, and for giving me the opportunity to discuss my work on your excellent site.  I am really flattered by, and grateful for, your support.  It's particularly a stressful time, waiting for the reactions to one's second novel.  I know that I wrote a different kind of haunting story, and I know that it will not be embraced by every reader.  But I tried to do something unique, and personal, and I am proud of the book.  That you have embraced it and given it an extra opportunity to be embraced by others means a lot.”
Christopher Ransom - author of 'The Haunting of James Hastings' . REVIEWED HERE

"Dear Chris,
Just a quick note to thank you for your fantastic review of 'American Devil'. Can't believe you loved the book so much, but it was brilliant to read your inspiring and very kind comments. I hope it inspires other people to pick up the book. The review created a great deal of excitement for everyone involved in publishing the book and, personally, it is great encouragement to me as a debut author fighting his way through book two. All in all, a big thank you from me!"
Oliver Stark - author of 'American Devil' . REVIEWED HERE

“Dear Chris, Thanks very much for the great review of King Cotton.
I've just been trying to keep a record of reviews etc. so I spotted yours whilst googling - we're working towards a nationwide tour in spring next year after some refinements and hopefully it will come back to The Empire - I thought the set looked particularly great in that old theatre.... Best wishes and thanks again.
Ian Brownbill & Jimmy McGovern - authors of 'King Cotton'. REVIEWED HERE

“Hi Chris, Thanks for all of those, really appreciate your support on this and glad you got off on the gigs. Thanks again for all.
All the best - Fish.”
Fish - new album '13th Star' REVIEWED HERE

Image Link: 'The Great Escape' by Chris High can be read on Mersey Minis: Longing“As a playwright I've received critique from various media outlets over the years. Reviews are part of my profession - some have been positive, some negative - but each have been received with dignity and respect. However....that respect is magnified tenfold when the critic is, balanced, constructive, and more importantly...has a literary background. Chris High is all these things. Although known nationally through Stage magazine and as an author we are fortunate that he is based here in the northwest reviewing all forms of art and culture in our two great cities, Liverpool and Manchester. In literary circles he is rapidly becoming one of the most respected critics around with his balanced views on all forms of diverse art, both profound and populist. As 2008 approaches it is a great comfort to know that Chris will be immersed in all the arts during Liverpool's capital of culture year. To be endorsed by, Alan Bleasedale and Jimmy McGovern is testimony to somebody who is well respected within the industry.”
Dave Kirby writer of 'Brick Up the Mersey tunnels' and 'Lost Soul'.

Link: The Liverpool Actors Studio

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“Writing gets me away for a while' from this world and into one where I, alone, can make or
break the rules as I see fit.” - Chris High 2003.
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