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Interview with Insanity Beach

Insanity Beach promotional image

Merseyside Rockers Set To Go Insane At Album Launch

After twenty years in the business, arguably Merseyside’s hardest working band, Insanity Beach, are set to launch their debut Album this Friday (October 23rd) at Zanzibar on Seel Street.

The album, Welcome To The Party, has been two years in the making and beset with problems in production that might deter lesser outfits, but not this Wirral-based group who are monthly regulars at Aintree every year and, also, at O’Neil’s in Liverpool.

‘We are performing this gig to showcase our original material set. There are no established venues on the Wirral so the obvious choice was to play the longest running and established venue in Liverpool,’ lead vocalist and guitarist, Ian Cowell, explained. ‘There will be three bands in total and the night should start around 9pm and we’ll be on stage at around 11:30. It’s really exciting because we’re the first rock band to play the Zanzibar, so to do it launching our first proper album is amazing. 

‘There have been all sorts of problems and bad luck along the way in getting the album finished – family situations, financial issues, the kind of stuff all long running bands go through – then we lost our friend and drummer Chris Hooker and it made us realise it was time to really start pushing what we’d worked so hard towards.

‘When Garry Ford joined us on Drums it gave us an incredible lift, because he has played with the Real People ,Ocean Colour Scene and the likes of Paul Weller and what he’s given is a new energy to the band. He was the light at the end of what seemed an endlessly dark tunnel.  If you like guitar based music, good tunes and a crowd-singing session then we’re the band for you. It’s a full on show and we expect the audience to suck up every bit of energy and dish it back to us. We totally enjoy playing live, and it shows.’

And it’s that same enthusiasm that led to the band’s career highlight to date, as it brought them to the attention of one of the world’s most legendary bands. ‘Supporting Status Quo in 2007 was our highlight to date. Playing to 7,000 people who had never heard of us before never mind seen us, then hearing them sing your own songs was amazing. To be honest, we gave the Quo a run for their money at their own show. Come to think of it, we never did get asked back to support them,’ Ian laughed.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, Insanity Beach still find time to support local charities. ‘Our main focus is with the Wirral Society for the Blind and Partially Sighted based at Ashville Lodge in Birkenhead.  We’ve worked with them over the last 4 years and they are an amazing group of people in what they do for the blind and partially sighted is beyond words. They have my full respect.’

Chris High.

Insanity Beach are performing at Zanzibar, Seel Street, on Friday October 23 and monthly at O’Neil’s in Liverpool City Centre. To download Welcome To The Party go to: and go to “Shop”



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