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Chris High reviews the album 'Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence' by Dream Theater

DREAM THEATER - Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence

Cover of CD - Dream Theater: Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
Hailing from Boston, Dream Theater released their fifteenth and possibly most ambitious album, Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence, in 2002 to worldwide acclaim.
The album - a double CD of over one and a half hours of musical heaven - truly shows the full extent of this Boston band's versatility.

Taking their name from a demolished Californian theatre, once they'd discovered that their original name was already in use, Dream Theater have never been afraid to broach subjects that other bands shy away from. Six Degrees is no exception, as it tackles the subject of Brain Stem Research, full on.

John Petrucci's pumping, slick, imaginative guitar work - not least of which is on the opening track, Glass Prison - is just jaw dropping in its speed and intricacy. But Petrucci is not the only remarkable musician on show; Mike Portnoy, who has successfully collaborated with Steve Rotheray and Pete Trewavas of Marillion on several occasions, is a drummer of exceptional quality who's rhythm and sense of balance is second to none. Added to this is John Myung's rock solid bass playing and the overlying quality of Jordan Rudess on keyboards, which guides the whole ship along without fault.

James le Brie on vocals, however, holds a range of singing that needs to be heard, to be believed. Take a listen to Misunderstood on this album, or Under A Glass Moon on the album Images And Words (1992), and be amazed.

Six Degrees is a complicated album, with much overlay and a great deal of thought being put into its composition. There are many influences on show - Pink Floyd and Metallica to name but two - but that is not to say that this piece is unoriginal. Indeed, far from it. The second disc - The Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence - is possibly the greatest piece that the band has ever put together during their recording career, including the album Scenes From A Memory (1999) that includes the anthemic The Spirit Carries On.

Six Degrees is an exceptional album of intricacies and complexities that have been handled with the deftness of masters.
May their Theater's be ever filled with Dreams!
Dream Theater's New Album "OCTAVARIUM" Is Due For Release On June 7th, 2005.



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