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Chris High reviews the album 'Out Of Nothing' by Embrace in 2004


Embrace - Out Of Nothing
A lot was expected of Embrace following their 1998 album 'The Good Will Out'. The chart success garnered by songs such as 'Good, Good People' and 'Come Back To What You Know' boded well for Danny McNamara and his happy ensemble, especially with the singer never being off the telly on shows such as Never Mind The Buzzcocks.  

Then something odd happened; they disappeared, sank without trace, expunged themselves in a manner akin to Stiltskin. One album wonders? Well no, not exactly. Two albums and a compilation of their better known tunes have come in the intervening years, though these barely made a mark on the charts, despite their being worthy efforts.


So, with the release of a new song - penned by Coldplay's Chris Martin - Embrace might have been likened to Tears For Fears in that they only release albums when they need the money amongst many. The single reached number 4, the album number 1 on its release in October 04.

So what is it about them? How can they release a truly wonderful album and then wait another seven years to follow its success with another? Beats me, is the answer.
Out Of Nothing is a truly stunning album, with the weakest track being Gravity, which anywhere else would make an album worthy of owning on its own. From the opening track, Ashes, to last the album ripples with power and authority. The melodies are compact yet original, with a fine mixture of the usual guitar, bass, keyboards and drums along with strings arrangements on tracks such as Spell It Out.

Glorious Day smacks a little of Keane with guitars in the way McNamara controls the way in which the band is lead, whereas Looking As You Are is a simple ballad of love lost that sums up all such feelings of loneliness perfectly.

But if ever there was an album that should be bought on the strength of just one track, then this is it. Someday is three songs in one in that it takes the listener on a melodious ride of emotion that holds hints of gospel hidden amongst solid rock. Think Somebody To Love, then think Someday. Perhaps all bands should put the word Some in their titles?

Embrace are back. Let's just hope it's not another seven years before we hear of them again.



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