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Fire on the Floor CD case coverBeth Hart
Fire on the Floor

Audio CD 

Number of Discs: 1
Other Editions: Vinyl
14 October, 2016
***** Beth On Fire!!

There are some artists who, when their work drops through the door, your heart skips a beat. Beth Hart is one such artist and her latest studio album, Fire on the Floor, is nothing if not worthy of any cardiographic metaphor

An album of such rich accomplishment as this deserves praise upon praise upon praise. It is deeply personal, as is her wont, yet also creates an empathy in the listener – a contact, if you will – which resonates way beyond the final chords of the final track.

The opening number, Jazz Man, is fun, smooth as well worn ice and warm as a stroll in a post eruption Pompeii; the sassy delivery adding a seductive sexiness and the powerful vocals sending shivers through the most immoveable of spines.

Yet as with all albums Hart has created, the opener is a mere taster for the eclecticism of the whole. For all the joy that’s aroused by Jazz Man and, similarly, the deeply sensual Coca Cola, there is a song of such poignancy it not only makes the skin ripple instantly into gooseflesh, it forces a tearful pricking in the eyes from word one. The album’s debut single, Love Is A Lie, shimmers and rattles and rolls like dice beneath a crucifix, pinning the betrayal and wrath and resentment down like a pinned bug in the desert.

Then there is Woman You’ve Been Dreaming Of. Think Crystal Gayle at her finest back in the day then times the effect Beth Hart’s voice has by a factor of 50. Or hear the final track, No Place Like Home, and understand why it is you’ve stopped dead still in wonder without realising. Hart’s voice does that. Time and time again.

This is emotional directness – the ability to lift the feelings  then allow them to swoon back down – is something  she manages to pull off with Fire on the Floor throughout and leaves the diehard fan and newcomers alike aching for more.

Beth HartGood Day To Cry is a solid rock-blues ballad guaranteed to have audiences reaching for their mobiles to illuminate the halls in which Hart is set to appear across Europe, whereas Baby Shot Me Down, Fat Man and Love Gangster will have those same romantics dancing and clapping in the aisles.

That Beth Hart simply gets better every time she enters a recording studio is an understatement. That hers is a voice few – if any – female vocalists can rival is unquestionable. That Fire on the Floor is one of the truly great albums of 2016 is undeniable: a work of solid gold that deserves all of the praise it will undoubtedly receive and more.

  1. Jazz Man
  2. Love Gangster
  3. Coca Cola
  4. Let's Get Together
  5. Love Is A Lie
  6. Fat Man
  7. Fire On The Floor
  8. Woman You've Been Dreaming Of
  9. Baby Shot Me Down
  10. Good Day To Cry
  11. Picture In A Frame
  12. No Place Like Home

Beth Hart tours the UK in November.  Dates include Birmingham Symphony Hall (11 November), Gateshead Sage (13 Nov), Glasgow O2 Academy (14 Nov), Bristol Colston Hall (17 Nov), Bournemouth Solent Hall (19 Nov),
Manchester Bridgewater Hall (21 Nov), and London Royal Festival Hall (23 Nov). Book Online: 24 HR Box Office: 0844 871 8819. Visit:




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