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A Feast of Consequences CD case coverFish
A Feast of Consequences


From the emotive opening strains of Perfumed River to the last echoes of The Great Unravelling, it is clear that Fish with his latest album, A Feast of Consequences, has scored yet another massive goal with an album of such beauty and power it is astonishing.

Written in part as a memorial to those lost during The Great War, this is an album of such guile and craft it is impossible not to play it over and over just to get beneath its many poignant layers  and unearth the futility of the conflict and the heroism of the men involved.

Yet this is not just an album that concentrates on gloom. All Loved Up is a brilliant dig at social networking and pseudo-celebrity that cannot help but bring a smile to the face, whereas Blind to the Beautiful is an intensely striking ballad underscored with such a brilliantly structured violin section at its heart, listeners will associate it almost immediately with some of Fish’s greatest solo work, such as Gentleman’s Excuse Me.



As always, it is the lyrics that hold the attention and the way in which the man can convey his feelings through the vocals so succinctly yet so comprehensively that will hold fans old and new in awe. The poetic High Wood, the poignantly dramatic Crucifix Corner, the vivacity of Thistle Alley, the moving epic that is Perfume River and the out-and-out rock of the title track are particular highlights, yes, but truth be told, there is not a single weak track on this collection and A Feast of Consequences stands as a further testament of the fact that Fish remains one of the seminal musical artists, writers and performers of his generation.

Chris High.




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