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Chris High reviews the CD - Gun Live at the Barrowlands - The River Sessions.

GUN - The River Sessions: Live At The Barrowlands

Cover of CD - Gun The River Sessions

Disc 1: Glasgow, 17th February, 1990.
Disc 2: Radio Clyde, 1995 & 1997 / Radio Forth 1992.

Sometimes, when you hear bands that have prematurely split up, you have to believe that God really doesn't care that much for Rock.


Stiltskin are one fine example and Gun another, who sadly split in 1998, having made four albums and supported some of the biggest names in the industry on their tours. Names such as Texas, Simple Minds and The Stones, to name but three.

So what made them special? Well, Mark Rankin's powerful voice and ability to work a crowd, primarily. Take a listen to Better Days and Shame On You and you'll see exactly what Gun were all about. Added to this, of course, were the spine of the band; Mark Kerr throwing out a drumbeat to split the ears, Dante Gizzi compounding it with his steady and assured Bass, whilst his brother - Joolz - overlayed and underscored Rankin's vocals with deft guitar playing that cemented the whole concept together. The opening licks of Money (Everybody Loves Her) are a joy to listen to, whilst Taking On The World is just a fantastic trip through guitar heaven. They did covers, too. Don't Believe A Word, the Thin Lizzy classic, is delivered with ultimate respect and a skill that would make the late, great Phil Lynott proud, but thier own stuff is equally as well crafted. I site Coming Home as an example.

River Records have done the memory of Gun proud with this live compilation and rare session tracks and should be proud of their efforts in not allowing the memories of such great bands simply fading away. (Gun Information) (River Records Information / Ordering)

Track List:
Money (Everybody Loves Her), When You Love Somebody, Something To Believe In, I Will Be Waiting, Better Days, Taking On The World, Can't Get Any Lower, Don't Believe A Word, Coming Home, Shame On You, The Feeling Within, Prime Time, Inside Out, Let's Go Crazy, Pretty Vacant.

Disc 2:
Suffragette City, Children Of The Revolution, Killing In The Name Of, Going Down, Crazy You, My Sweet Jane, Steal Your Fire, Welcome To The Real World, Better Days, Don't Blame Me, Taking On The World.



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