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Front cover of the book, 3 AM & Wide Awake by Sarah EnglandSarah England
3 AM & Wide Awake

Paperback: 196 pages
Publisher: Alfie Dog Limited
ISBN-10: 0956965911
ISBN-13: 978-0956965912

21 May 2013

Publishing 25 short stories, spanning the genre’s of crime, thriller and horror fiction is no mean feat but Sarah England has, without question, accomplished her aim with aplomb in 3 AM & Wide Awake.

This is a book that underlines the significance and importance of the short story; cut-to-the-chase prose that leaves the reader wanting more like overweight qauffers at a free bar, hers are stories that not only get you thinking whilst you are reading, they keep you thinking as the next offering is served up.

Her characterisation and sense of place are extraordinarily well drawn too, with Lily in Islands becoming so alive it is almost possible to reach out and tap her shoulder in comfort, whereas the deep understanding of the emotional distress of Emily in Burned is both highly-charged and empathetic to the point of tears.

Sarah England is unquestionably a story-teller of some considerable worth and if you’re looking for something eloquently written with more than a hint of spice, then 3 AM & Wide Awake is more than worth considering.

Chris High





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