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Front cover of the book 'And She Was'.

Alison Gaylin
And She Was

Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Sphere

Language: English
ISBN-10: 0751553727
ISBN-13: 978-0751553727

4 Dec 2014

There is little wonder as to why Alison Graylin is so admired by her peers in the writing world. Her fast, punchy prose and electrifying dialogue – along with an uber-strong plotline and fabulously diverse characters – make her latest novel, And She Was, a book not to missed.

When Brenna Spector was a child, her older sister stepped into a strange car never to be seen again. This traumatic event triggered in Brenda a rare neurological disorder that enables her to recall every detail of every day of her life, except - cruelly - that dark day when her sister disappeared. Nowadays Brenna puts her unusual skill to use as a missing persons investigator and it's while she's trying to find local woman Carol Wentz that she discovers connections to another child's disappearance, ten years earlier. Before too long a link to her own past emerges.

Brenna’s hyperthymestic syndrome – also known as superior autobiographical memory – makes her recall every sensation she has ever experienced throughout her life in the minutest detail. Given that the syndrome has only a handful of diagnosed cases, it would be easy to assume that the author might over egg her pudding, but this is far from the case with And She Was as Gaylin manages to strike a near perfect balance between telling a story and lecturing on a rare condition.

Brenna and her assistant, Trent, are sublime creations, too, delving into a murky world that few but the most psychologically co-joined could hope to survive without being diametrically opposed in life outlooks.

With snappy, thrill filled action sequences being juxtaposed by more thoughtful passages that are intrinsic to the overall makeup of the storyline, And She Was offers fictional feast for all lovers of original psychological thrillers everywhere.
Chris High

Thank you so much for this wonderful review, Chris – and for these terrific questions! If there’s anything else you need, please let me know.
Alison [Gaylin]






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