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Front cover of the book 'Blood Will Out'.Walter Kirn
Blood Will Out

Publisher: Corsair

ISBN-10: 1472119355
ISBN-13: 978-1472119353

In the summer of 1998, Walter Kirn, then a struggling young novelist set out on a faithful errand: to personally deliver a crippled hunting dog from an animal shelter in Montana to the New York apartment of one Clark Rockefeller, a secretive young banker and art collector. Little did Kirn know that this unlikely friendship, lasting fifteen years, would lead him deep into the path of an outlandish, eccentric son of privilege who, one day, would be shockingly unmasked as a brazen and brutal murderer.  

Blood Will Out tells the story of one man who took on a plethora of identities throughout his life. Written by Kirn who's extraordinary friendship gives this story a unique perspective into the bizarre life that Rockefeller, as Kirn knew him as at the time of their first meeting, led. With Kirn's first hand knowledge of the man himself, (his real name came out in his trial as German born, Christian Gerhartsreiter) means that the story flows well and Kirn begins his tale with the very first time that he meets him. His first impressions lasted long and Kirn could not help but be impressed by this confident, passionate young man whose desire to help was all to clear. The narrative flows well, as the story then unfolds as to how Kirn, and others, realise just what and who Clark Rockefeller really was. It becomes as much as an eye opener to the readers as it had done at the time of his trial, when all of his identifies were uncovered and the complexity of his lies, that eventually led to the murders of John and Linda Sohus in 1985.

This is a very well written tale of one of Americas most documented crimes. There have been many publications written over the years about who Christian
Gerhartsreiter really was, but only one that has had the first hand experience of meeting the man himself. Gripping and emotionally engaging, Blood Will Out is an excellent true crime story that is a guaranteed page-turner.

Janie Phillips





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