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Bolt Action - Charlie Charters

Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Hodder Paperbacks
ISBN-10: 1444700979
ISBN-13: 978-1444700978

2 Sep 2010

Front cover of the book 'Bolt Action' written by Charlie Charters

Like the prose in this debut novel, there’s little need for this review to beat about the bush: Charlie Charters’ Bolt Action is a terrific, intricately plotted and devastatingly realistic thriller that is bound to have any reader absorbed from first to last.


Since 9/11, the door between the pilots and the passengers on an airliner must be locked and impossible to break down. But what if the pilots are dead?

Tristie Merritt leads a renegade band of ex-soldiers. Their daring scam will take millions from a furious British government and give it to veterans’ charities – if MI5 don’t catch up with them first. Then, when faced with the ultimate terrorist outrage at 36,000 feet, MI5 and the CIA find that Merritt is their one hope of preventing global disaster.

The main attributes that set this novel apart are, well, everything. The characters are not only well rounded, each protagonist could easily be given a novel of their own in future. The scenario is not only credible but is l written almost in the style of a war game, without the Tom Clancy “I know more than you” confusion. The settings are so real they are tangible and the pace is that of, well, a speeding 777 on its way to blow up a major city without a pilot at the helm.

In deed if there is one fault, it is in the dialogue which, on a few rare occasions, comes across as little too casual and Roger Moore as James Bond. That aside, however, this is a fantastic introduction from a British author who should soon be a household name.

Chris High

Chris High interview with author Charlie Charters - October 2010





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