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Mark Billingham

Publisher: Sphere
ISBN-10: 0751537241
ISBN-13: 978-0751537246
Paperback: 528 pages
May 25th, 2007

Front cover of the book by Mark Billingham: Buried.

Written by

Mark Billingham, without question, is one of the classiest Crime Fiction authors around. A novelist that never fails to raise the bar and with this his latest Tom Thorne outing, Buried further strengthens the character’s credentials as one of the finest fictional detectives to have ever been created.


Luke Mullen, sixteen year old son of a former, high-ranking police officer has disappeared, presumed kidnapped. While nobody quite dares to voice the fear that he could also be presumed dead, Detective Inspector Tom Thorne is brought in to beef up the squad dedicated to locating the missing boy. The first thing the team looks for is anyone with a grudge against Luke's father, a man who'd put a lot of tough villains away in his time. A list quickly emerges, but Thorne discovers that ex-DCI Tony Mullen has omitted the name of the most obvious suspect; a man who'd once threatened him and his family, and who, after serving time for his original crime, is now the main suspect in a murder which has been unsolved for four years. Is this a simple oversight - understandable considering the trauma of his son's disappearance? Aware that he does not have the luxury of time, Thorne searches desperately for connections and leads, but learns that secrets are as easily buried as bodies.

Sometimes, when an author become mega-successful, they can become guilty of “box-ticking”. Not so Mark Billingham and here, again, he has delivered a gem of a book that is guaranteed to sweep the reader away from the moment its first page is opened, with its descriptive essence and quick-fire dialogue as compelling as they have ever been. Yet there is nothing easily given. The reader needs to work alongside the author to establish the characters for themselves and, so, makes Thorne, his colleagues and his enemies as individual and original as they come.

Tight, authentic and, at times, shocking, Buried is a true feast for all those who feed gratefully from the table of crime, Mark Billingham’s Tom Thorne is surely the heir to the throne of British Crime Fiction once Rebus retires.

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