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Cry For Help

Steve Mosby

Publisher: Orion
ISBN-10: 0752874144
ISBN-13: 978-0752874142
May 29th, 2008

Image: Front cover of the book 'Cry For Help' by Steve Mosby.


Four novels in and Leeds based author, Steve Mosby, is going from strength to strength and with his latest offering, Cry For Help, the author has provided his best, if slightly more mainstream, novel to date.

Dave Lewis is a man with a history. Haunted by his brother's murder when they were children, and scarred by his parents' grief, he's built a bitter life denying everything they ever stood for. He spends his time working as a magician, running a cynical magazine that derides his parents. New Age beliefs, and drowning his sorrows over his lost love, Tori. He's trying to convince himself the past is the past. A promise he made to Tori has got him into trouble before, and Dave's determined to move on and not let that happen again. Detective Sam Currie is a man with a past. His failure to prevent his son's death has ended his marriage and cast a shadow over his life and career. He's directed his hatred towards the one man he sees as responsible, but he has other priorities right now. A killer is stalking the city, abducting girls and sending texts and emails to their families before he kills them. When Dave Lewis appears to connect both investigations, it's an opportunity Currie can't resist.

There is a lot powerful stuff here. From the at times graphic descriptions of the discovered bodies, to the mid games being enacted on all sides, it is the author’s deep understanding of what it is he’s trying to convey, and the clarity with which he puts it across, that jumps out at a reader. His characters – at once intensely familiar yet strangely original – give the story a sense of real depth and urgency as the battle against the clock ensues at a break-neck speed.

But above all, it is the natural tone of the dialogue – switching from Lewis’s first-person narrative to Currie and company’s third-person rhetoric with great skill and dexterity – that is the most memorable aspect of the novel and keeps things flying along.

Exquisitely written, beautifully planned and skilfully drawn, Cry For Help is another Steve Mosby winner that can’t be recommended highly enough.



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