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Front cover of the book Dead Sea Deception by Adam BlakeDead Sea Deception - Adam Blake

Publisher: Sphere 
ISBN-10: 0751545732
ISBN-13: 978-0751545739

18 Aug 2011

With the some might say bizarre phenomenon of The Da Vinci Code and the plethora of authors taking ancient artefacts and churning some obscure mystery out of them, Adam Blake’s Dead Sea Deception became, on the face of it, a book to prop up rather than light up a somewhat over burdened reading pile. Having ignored the somewhat garish tagline of “Everything We Know About The Death Of Christ Is A Lie” and plunged forward, however, that old adage about books and covers proved to be wisdom personified for Adam Blake has not only produced an intriguing read filled with well rounded characters and dynamic settings, he has also woven a tenuous sense of the credible that so many novels of this ilk manage to miss.

As ex-mercenary Leo Tillman and ambitious cop Heather Kennedy investigate a series of baffling deaths, the trail leads them to the Dead Sea Scrolls - and the deadly gospel hidden within them. But soon Tillman and Kennedy are running for their lives from a band of sinister assassins who weep tears of blood and believe themselves descended from Judas. These 'fallen angels' will stop at nothing to expose the world-changing secret of the Scrolls ...the secret of who really died on Christ's cross hidden in the Dead Sea scrolls.

Tillman and Kennedy are both beautifully damaged-by-life creations who manage to gel through their mutual mistrust and begrudging admiration each has for the other. Although neither is particularly original, the balance the author manages to imbue within their interactions adds sparkle to what might otherwise be a mundane relationship and so creates energy and gusto.

It also helps that Blake is clearly a storyteller and, like all good stories, rarely lets the facts get in the way of an intense pace which ensures the reader is carried forward with gusto so that when the denouement finally arrives and all becomes clear, there is a palpable sense of relief all round.

Has Dead Sea Deception whetted the appetite for similar genre novels? Not really, although it has whetted the appetite for other work by an author whose writing skills are abundantly clear.

Chris High




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