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Donkey Punch

Ray Banks

Publisher: Polygon
ISBN: 019 045 988 54
May 1st, 2007

Front cover of the book by Ray Banks: Donkey Punch

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In the uncertain world in which he lives, nothing is more uncertain about living than Cal Innes. Throw in some boxing for good measure and you know his latest foray into life’s nether regions, Donkey Punch, is not going to be a “Cliff Richard” type of book. It’s going to be gritty, it’s going to be violent and – in the hands of Ray Banks – it’s going to be bloody good.


With parole behind him and his PI business an unpleasant memory, Cal Innes is looking forward to continuing his job as caretaker at Paulo Lads' Club. But a prodigal amateur boxer, Liam, needs someone to go with him to his first major tournament in Los Angeles.
Cal's babysitting job swiftly turns into something dangerous, with rumours of a rigged competition. As his codeine habit and Liam's temper spin out of control, Cal is thrown down in the desert, far from safety to staring down the barrel of a gun.

Suddenly the City of Angels doesn't seem quite so angelic.

Ray Banks is fast developing into an author who can make the most mundane of objects and situations appear menacing. Here, even Cal’s seemingly fruitless quest for a place to smoke in downtown LA – the SMOG capital of the universe – is beset with an almost claustrophobic sense of foreboding, as he finally gets to sit in a bar only to be then harangued by a white-toothed “Jobs-worth” barman.

Give the guy a break … please.

Ray Banks is superb writer who has a tight grip on his descriptive toning and who is making his dialogue snappier and more black-humoured with every outing. Cal Innes, Paulo, Liam, Mo Tiernan, Shapiro and Nelson are all superbly drawn characters, all apparently hewn from rock, that never fail to pull a few surprises out of their respective kitbags.

A lot lighter in content than last year’s much acclaimed Saturday’s Child, Ray Banks has, nonetheless, once again turned out a winning story that sparkles with wit and originality from first page to last.

“Chris, Nice one, son. Thanks for the review - I'm already seeing the love spread like the best kind of virus, and you're a hell of a carrier.”
Ray Banks - May 2007

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