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Front cover of the book 'Down Among The Dead Men'.Peter Lovesey
Down Among the Dead Men

Publisher: Sphere

ISBN-10: 0751558877
ISBN-13: 978-0751558876

2 July 2015

DS Peter Diamond finds himself in Sussex, much against his wishes, with his irritating supervisor, Assistant Chief Constable Georgina Dallymore. A Sussex detective has been suspended for failing to link DNA evidence of a relative to a seven-year old murder case, and Dallymore has made Diamond accompany her to investigate as part of a Home Office internal investigation. Diamond becomes more interested, however, when he discovers who the suspended officer is - an old friend and someone he knows does not make mistakes.

As Diamond begins to ask questions, he notices unsettling connections between the cold case and that of a missing art schoolteacher. It becomes apparent that there have been other disappearances and Diamond begins to wonder just how they could all be connected.
The pace only begins to pick up once Lovesey's protagonist and main narrative voice DS Peter Diamond, is introduced. Only then do we get to see how the many characters are intertwined with the plots of the story and how they slot in individually. Lovesey sets a good tone to the book in terms of the relationship between the two detectives - Diamond and Dallymore. There is a humorous side to these two that help alleviate the darker bits of the story and helps with the pace.

Down Among the Dead Men builds up gradually to a dramatic and satisfying conclusion. There is a easy style of writing, which means that this book could be read in one sitting, and will be a favourite for any fan of crime.

Janie Phillips





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