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Jeff Abbott

Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Sphere
Language English
ISBN-10: 0751538329
ISBN-13: 978-0751538328
April 5th, 2007

Front cover of the book by Jeff Abbott: Fear

Written by

After a strong start, in which two hits takes place from a man with a conscience, Jeff Abbott’s Fear becomes a lttle staid and, not to say, incredible.


Miles Kendrick is in a witness protection program, hiding from the mob and constantly haunted by his best friend's death. With the aid of psychiatrist Allison Vance, Miles is trying to hold onto his sanity and to recall the events of that tragic night. But when Allison is blown to pieces by a bomb planted in her office, Miles becomes caught up in a deadly conspiracy way beyond his worst nightmares. Pursued by an ex-FBI detective turned hitman and helped by a mentally broken ex-soldier and a reclusive woman whose life has been destroyed by violence, Miles is in a battle to get his life back - or just stay alive. A gripping, breakneck-paced thriller, FEAR will not let you go until the last bullet flies.
Although Jeff Abbott initially has clearly has a developed plan in mind with the book, by a quarter of the way through, the reader might ask themselves do they care enough about the characters to see it through to the end.

Miles is well enough defined with his “Madness” a good hanging point of the novel. It is easy to empathise with the man who is tortured by his failures and is forced into confronting them However its not long into the story that we’re saying “get on with it” and, when at last he does, readers might well be saying “what?” quite often with not a little incredulity.

Abbott does have a strong sense of place and a mastery of the melancholy. Yet so do many other authors and so may well have done far more with a plot that promises so much yet, sadly, delivers so little.

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