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Fever Of The Bone - Val McDermid

Paperback: 512 pages
Publisher: Sphere (18 Feb 2010)
ISBN-10: 0751543217
ISBN-13: 978-0751543216

Front cover of the book 'Fever of the Bone' written by Val McDermid

Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. A match made in detective fiction heaven that are so psychologically close-knit only their nearest and dearest might tell them apart and this is in no small part to Val McDermid’s incomparable ability to get beneath the skin of her characters.


Meet Tony Hill's most twisted adversary - a killer with a shopping list of victims, a killer unmoved by youth and innocence, a killer driven by the most perverted of desires. The murder and mutilation of teenager Jennifer Maidment is horrific enough on its own. But it's not long before Tony realises it's just the start of a brutal and ruthless campaign that's targeting an apparently unconnected group of young people. Struggling with the newly-awakened ghosts of his own past and desperate for distraction in his work, Tony battles to find the answers that will give him personal and professional satisfaction.

Its not just the way in which McDermid tells the story, but also the immediacy with which her stars interact with the reader and the sense that they are right their with them – and villains – every step of the way. McDermid’s skill in describing a place, a crime scene or even the innermost thoughts of tyhose involved is so vivid – so graphic – at times it makes us want to slam the book shut whilst, and at the same time, begs for the hands to remain still.

If there is one thing to quibble over it is that, on occasion, the need to explain in depth a particular method or theory becomes a little tell rather than showing, this is more than compensated for in the way, when at full tilt, the story rips across like razor across tissue.

A first rate read to rank with many of Val McDermid’s many other first rate reads.





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