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Front cover of the book 'Fool Me Once'.Harlan Coben
Fool Me Once

Publisher: Century

ISBN-10: 1780894198
ISBN-13: 978-1780894195

March 24, 2016

It’s been a while since a book by Harlan Coben has dropped onto the doormat and, having completed Fool Me Once, it is a good to know that if anything his style has gone from strength to strength.

f your husband was murdered and you were a witness, how do you explain it when he appears on your nanny cam? What transpires is gut-wrenching journey where questions are asked, answered then twisted to such an extent up becomes down, left right and sky earth in such a compelling way it is impossible not read on and on until the conclusion.

Yet what Coben manages with such great consistency is to imbue his novels with such creative normality – largely through inspired dialogue and fantastic plotting – so that we as readers are right alongside his characters … and what characters.

n Maya Burkett, we discover a deeply complex personality who appears to be everything she isn’t yet is nonetheless as engaging and stylised as you could possibly wish. Added to this is the rich array of peripheral antagonists and protagonists who propel the tale along at disappointing speed … disappointing, that is, because the shocking conclusion will all too soon be upon you.

Slick, stylish and – ultimately – beautifully crafted and delivered, Harlan Coben’s Fool Me Once is tremendous crime novel of depth, pathos, shocks and surprises that will delight anyone who loves great crime fiction  that’s made to make jaws drop in wonder.





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