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Stephen King - Full Dark, No Stars

Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN-10: 1444712543

ISBN-13: 978-1444712544

9 Nov 2010

Full Dark, No Stars written by Stephen King

‘I have little patience with writers who don’t take their job seriously,’ says Stephen King in the Afterword of Full Dark, No Stars, ‘and none at all with those who see the art of story telling as essentially worn out.’ Well, quite right too and judging by this collection of four apparently unconnected stories, King himself is far from worn out.


From the gritty realism of 1922, through the harsh descriptive prose of Big Driver, onto the almost cruel composite of human nature that is Fair Extension and, finally – breathlessly – onto the brutal examination of broken love and trust illustrated in A Good Marriage, King once again looks at the dark underbelly of life and casts his mighty beam across it, further exposing the minutiae amidst the grime that can be found in every pore.

This is not an easy read. The intense detail the author imposes makes not just a snapshot of his characters and their surroundings and situations, but rather demands the reader greets them on nodding terms as though they are old friends or recoil in the presence of feared enemies.

This is not a fluke. This is skill and Stephen King once again fully demonstrates beautifully that he remains ahead of the game in so many ways.

Of storytelling he goes on to say: ‘It is one of the vital ways in which we make sense of our lives.’ Having read Full Dark, No Stars in a single sitting, making sense of “our lives” may not always be something to undertake lightly.




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