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Chris High reviews Michael Tod: God's Elephants


Michael Tod

Publisher: Cadano
ISBN: 1-8989225-06-0

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Following on from his Dorset Squirrels collection and the highly acclaimed Dolphinsong, Michael Tod has once again proved his worth as an author of books with all age groups in mind.

When the young Elephant, Temba Kidogo and her grandfather, the wise old Tembo M’zee, are inspired to climb Kilimanjaro in search of the legendary tusks of Tembo Jay, they have little idea of the events their action will trigger. Joined by an ever growing company of elephants as they carry the tusks across the plains of Africa to the Place Of Peace, they face man-made and natural hazards that force them into using all of their resourcefulness. In addition, the hunter, Walt Schwiner and the disgraced guide, Moses, are determined to capture the tusks.


The first thing that is striking with God’s Elephants is Michael Tod’s ability to tell a story. Hardly ever does the pace slacken in this “allegorical” tale of the pursuit of destiny and greed, with barely a word being wasted.

The second thing is that the author has clearly researched his story to the maximum, as the surroundings are described in intricate detail to whisk the reader away to the plains of Africa with barely an effort that leaves the whiff of dry grass in the nostrils long after the book is complete.

The closest the book can be compared to is that of Richard Adams and not since The Plague Dogs has a story been told from the standpoint of both animals and humans with such moving reality. An excellent story of quest and conquest that, if nothing else, provokes thought in the reader at every turn of the page.

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