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C. J. Carver

ISBN: 9780752871844
Publisher: Orion
July 5, 2007

Image: Front cover of the book 'Gone Without Trace' by C. J. Carver


CJ Carver’s latest fifth novel, Gone Without Trace, is unquestionably one of the most thrilling rides any reader is likely to experience. Taut, sharp and deeply disturbing at times, here is novel guaranteed to keep the midnight oils burning through until dawn.


Ex-army captain Jay McCaulay can look after herself, or so she thinks. She works for TRACE, an international aid agency that helps to track and unite families separated by conflict, and her old job with the Royal Signals seems far away.
 Until she spots someone from her past.

It is a past that involves Zamira, a beautiful young girl whose life Jay saved in Kosovo - a past that clashes with the present when Milot Dumani, an organised crime bass from Albania, appears on the streets of Bristol.

Jay's specialist knowledge as a soldier and translator means she is the perfect candidate for an M16 mission to trail Milot, but Detective Inspector Tom Sutton isn't happy. He's just asked Jay to marry him and doesn't like the fact she is teaming up with the enigmatic Max Blake from SOCA. Max has a dangerous reputation and Tom doesn't trust him an inch. When Jay hears Zamira has vanished from her home in Macedonia - possibly trafficked into the UK - Jay's mission becomes personal. Thrown into a world that inspires paranoia, where brutal Mafia thugs give no quarter, and where her family and loved ones are threatened, Jay is forced to confront a trail of murder, corruption and evil that has entwined itself from Eastern Europe into the heart of her home country, or risk losing everything she has ever held dear.

In Jay McCaulay, CJ has created a central character with such a deep running richness of spirit, it is hard to see how her popularity can do anything but grow, whereas Tom Sutton, Max Blake, Zamira and Milot are all as three dimensional and original as anybody should be.

Overall, this is an exciting, thought provoking and deeply entertaining novel.  Not only does CJ know how to entertain and thrill with her writing, she also informs in a way that never dull or lecturing. All of the events – and the circumstances – held within the pages are true and the power of her descriptive prose makes readers want to find out more and, so, try to prevent the horrifying trade that is human trafficking.

This truly is a wonderful read.

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“Chris has been fantastic in getting me to think outside the box in promoting my latest thriller, he's sharp and smart and has his finger planted firmly on the creative pulse. I'm lucky as heck to have met him.”

C.J. Carver - August 2007



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