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Hell's Fire - Chris Simms

Publisher: Orion
ISBN-10: 0752889311

ISBN-13: 978-0752889313

May 15th, 2008

Image: Front cover of the book 'Hell's Fire'by Chris Simms.


Just when you think Chris Simms has reached a peak in his writing, along comes the fourth novel of his Jon Spicer series, Hell’s Fire, and proves he has a lot more in the tank yet.

The deliberate torching of a church creates outrage across Manchester and when a charred corpse and satanic symbols are found in the smoking ruins, DI Jon Spicer and the city's Major Incident Team are called in.

Spicer quickly finds himself drawn into the depths of a horrifying underworld he didn't know existed and, when fresh killings bring the realisation that those responsible are prepared to commit unspeakable acts of evil in homage to their God, DI Spicer knows, even in his worst nightmares, he could never have imagined how close to his own home the investigation will take him.

Gritty, grimy and deeply absorbing, Hell’s Fire keeps the reputation that Simms is fast earning for himself as one of the UK’s finest exponents of the crime writing art firmly intact, as he takes you ever deeper into the sordid depths of Manchester. Yet his trick in never once bends to over-blowing the detail so that they become terrible, cliché-ridden prose is a joy in itself. This is tight, eminently readable stuff that will have the pages racing by in a whirl.

With peripheral characters that are so well drawn you can see them standing before you and a main protagonist readers will both want to sympathise with and, on occasions, slap for being a total idiot, Chris Simms has again drawn from life and delivered his best Spicer yet.



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