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Here We Go Gathering Cups In May

Contributors: Tony Barrett, Jegsy Dodd, Dave Kirby, Nicky Allt, Peter Hooton, John Maguire, Kevin Sampson
Publisher: Canongate
ISBN: 978 1 847 67 166 0

September 6, 2007

Image: Front cover of the book 'Here We Go Gathering Cups In May'.


As a Manchester United fan, Here We Go Gathering Cups In May – the memories of fans who have followed Liverpool FC’s journey’s across Europe in search of seven European Cups over a period of thirty years – should be the ideal opportunity for a critic to go into hyper-drive on the “put down” front.


Trouble is, with this book, it would be an injustice to do so instead suggest sending a copy to Sky TV, The Premier League or Companies House in an attempt at asking the “Powers That Be” to let the fans have their ball back.

Here We Go Gathering Cups In May is about what still counts in football – not money, corporate identity, kick off times at indescribably stupid times or over-priced investment pay-back season ticket prices for fat-cat Russians, Vietnamese or Americans to get ever richer out of the game – but the fans … REAL fans … who would consider selling their houses, wives and children for a ticket.

At times poignant, philosophical and intensely touching, the book is also incredibly funny. Dave Kirby’s account of trying to get from Rome wearing the same clothes he left Liverpool in, gassing people with his socks in the carriage next door and trying to get some sleep in a train’s luggage rack, being particularly memorable.
Here We Go Gathering Cups In May is also a pseudo-study in changing styles, cultures and outlooks with, genuinely, only one detail remaining the same; the fans love for their club.

In this instance it is the fans of Liverpool FC, but the same story could be told – if in slightly less glamorous circumstances – by any die-hard Leicester City, Hartlepool or Macclesfield fan, with the same “I remember when” verve and vigour.

At the end of the day, it isn’t “The Game” that matters – the single entity – it is the journey “The Game” takes you on that carves the memories and, with this book, Nicky Allt has superbly edited and compiled a collection of memories that will evoke those of so many others who can proudly say “I Was There”.

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