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Chris High reviews a book by Joseph Wambaugh.


Joseph Wambaugh

Publisher: Quercus
ISBN: 1847240240
January 11th, 2007

Front cover of the book by Joseph Wambaugh - Hollywood Station.

written by

After a hiatus of ten years, Joseph Wambaughauthor of the groundbreaking crime novel, The Choir Boys – is back with as much style and aplomb as one might expect. With his first novel with the rapidly growing Quercus, Hollywood Station is set to become one of THE must read novels of the year, already.


Outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Batman has assaulted Spider-Man. A Marilyn Monroe called it in and three Elvises witnessed it. Business as usual for the cops out of Hollywood Station, but while they deal with the costumed crackheads, prostitutes, purse snatchers, tweakers and ordinary lunatics that haunt the boulevards, in the streets behind the lights and crowds, the real Los Angeles simmers, never far from boiling point. Under the watchful eye of the veteran sergeant they call Oracle, the Hollywood Station squad are as different as the streets they police, which all adds to the exceptional nature of the novel. Who else but Wambaugh can describe with such accuracy, or with such bleak humour, a lactating officer acting as an undercover prostitute or a patrolman who wants nothing more than to be a star of the silver screen?

This is novel of such intense warmth and humour it is easy to overlook the fact that it born by an author who served fourteen years with the LAPD for real. If fact really is stranger than fiction, Hollywood Station proves it beyond doubt.

Gritty, absorbing and utterly compelling, Joseph Wambaugh’s return with Hollywood Station should be welcomed with a huge sigh of gratitude.

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“Dear Chris, That's just about the best interview ever done on me.  You are a terrific writer and you make me look better than I am.  The Cheethams will be thrilled and I thank you profoundly.”
Joseph Wambaugh - November 2007

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