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Kill Me Once - Jon Osborne

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20th January, 2011

Front cover of the book Kill Me Once written by Jon Osbourne

If there’s a more dysfunctional and totally ensnaring killer to be spawned to beat Jon Osborne’s Nathan Stiedowe in the coming twelve months then hang onto your hats, it’s set to be a grisly one if Kill Me Once is anything to go by.


Nathan Stiedowe is seeking perfection, and he’s been learning from the best by recreating some of the most sickening murders in history with one seemingly clear objective in mind.

Here’s a serial killer that is a joy to be in the company of, as weird as that might sound. Dark, twisted, malevolent, sinister, disturbed, decayed and ultimately evil, here’s a guy all the best crime stories crave but so often fail to deliver.

Add to that Stiedowe’s nemesis, Dana Whitestone – who herself almost as troubled – and what you have is a lightening paced debut from an author you really should mark down as one to watch.

Okay, so there’s the odd tendency to slip into cliché, especially when it comes to dialogue, but everything else more than illustrates that here’s a man with talent in abundance.

Most all it is the author’s ability to the reader guessing that makes the tale so compelling. That, and its sincere descriptive, narrative style which takes hold from the very first line and simply refuses to let go.

A few edges to knock off, perhaps, but certainly more than worth more than passing attention on a cold winter’s night.

Jon Osborne - December 2010

Hi Chris,

I came across your online review of my book, KILL ME ONCE, and I wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for taking the time to read, review and feature it on your website. I really appreciate it. Also, for the very kind words you had to say!

Jon Osborne 




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