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Front cover of the book 'Life or Death'.

Michael Robotham
Life or Death

Publisher: Little Brown
Hardback: 434 Pages

August 7th, 2014

August brings a great many books to the door, but it is a pretty safe bet that none – if any of them – will better Michael Robotham’s latest thriller, Life or Death, which is to put it simply manna from heaven for every reader who loves beautifully rounded characters, a brilliantly executed narrative and a pace that would drive a Kawasaki Superbike designer to distraction.

Audie Palmer escapes prison after a fifteen year term for armed robbery, the day before he is due for release. The question is why? And this, dear readers, is pretty much all you need to know as the author takes you into the cockpit of a stunt aircraft, straps you in and sees how you fare.

In Audie Palmer, Robotham has created a protagonist who is as multi-dimensional as a Rubik cube, with about as many twists to be endured before finally arriving at the correct destination.

Juxtaposed with Palmer, however, is the fabulously likeable FBI Special Agent Desiree Furness who, despite some obvious limitations, in many ways drives the story at full tilt and leaves Palmer – and his former convict friend, Moss – to fill in the blanks of what becomes and ever more intriguing story.

Set in the heart of America, Life or Death is a crime thriller to treasure from an author who might just be the best around at this particular moment.

Chris High

Interview with author Michael Robotham by Chris High





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