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Moonlight Mile

Dennis Lehane

Publisher: Little, Brown

ISBN: 978 – 1 – 4087- 0313 – 7

Published: February 3 2011

Front cover of Moonlight Mile written by Dennis Lehane

There is something quite magical about Dennis Lehane’s tight, descriptive prose  in Midnight Mile (Little, Brown)which is accentuated superbly by lightening fast dialogue that set the page alight.



Not only has the author of monster hits Mystic River and Shutter Island excelled himself with his latest Kenzey and Gennaro outing, he has also embellished his character’s reputation as two of the most credible in crime fiction. Yes, they are flawed but not the to the extent where the reader thinks they are anything other than three dimensional and naturally likeable. Indeed, too many characters than these and crime fiction might be accused of becoming “soft”, such is their chemistry.

Of course, a damn good story helps and from first to last Lehane provides it, forcing the reader to read at the same heart surging pace that the beautifully formed plot demands; that is to say as rapidly as humanly possible.

It is impossible to say that any piece of fiction is perfect, but Dennis Lehane’s Midnight Mile come pretty damn close.




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