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Red Cat

Peter Spiegelman

Publisher: Century
ISBN-10: 0099489791
May 3, 2007

Front cover of the book by Peter Spiegelman: Red Cat

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Peter Spiegleman’s third John March novel, Red Cat, is everything the acclaim says it is and so much more. Fast paced, witty and utterly believable, Red Cat is aas exhilarating a read as you are likely to find on the shelves today.


When John March gets a phone call from his brother David, the lid comes off one of his family's closely guarded secrets. Prim, judgmental in his public life, David has been having sexual encounters with women arranged anonymously over the Internet. Now, one of his contacts has turned nasty: she has somehow got hold of David's private number and is leaving compromising messages on his phone that might destroy his marriage. David wants John to find the woman who he knows only as her codename, 'Wren', and put a stop to the harassment before it turns into something even darker. But John March is a gentle soul: he agrees to trace Wren through Manhattan's dark underbelly and reason with her if he can. But just as John gets a good lead on her, Wren's dead body is pulled out of New York's East River. She has been strangled. The race is on to find the killer before John and his brother are arrested for a murder they did not commit.

That David March is so utterly self-absorbed and odious is a masterstroke in the way David’s attitude only endears John March more to the readers.

John March and the problems he encounters – both inside and outside of his dysfunctional family – make the reader want to scream out warnings on almost every page, because he is such a fantastically likeable, well rounded and polished character you’ll simply want to look out for him on every step of the journey.

The descriptive prose is sharp enough to have Handle With Care plastered over them for fear of being cut, the tight dialogue is brilliantly worked and the credibility of the plotline is faultless to a point way beyond unnerving.

Overall, Red Cat is a smart, classy and utterly compelling work in Crime Fiction and Peter Spiegelman has created a novel not only highly recommended but also that most rare of things – a Must Read.

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