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Chris Simms

Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher: Orion
ISBN-10: 075288929X
ISBN-13: 978-0752889290
5 Sep 2007

Image: Front cover of the book 'Savage Moon' by author Chris Simms


Unpredictable and compelling are just two words to describe Chris Simms’s latest DI Jon Spicer novel, Savage Moon and the author is fast accumulating the adulation and admiration he deserves. If you’ve read neither of the previous two novels from the series, Killing The Beasts or Shifting Skin­ – or indeed missed the stand alones Outside The White Lines and Pecking Order – then you’ve missed a few treats. Miss Savage Moon and you really should kick yourselves.


The body of a woman with her throat ripped out is found on Saddleworth Moor, near Manchester, an area where several sightings of a mysterious large black cat have been made. When analysis shows that hairs caught under the victim's nails are those of a panther, it is assumed that the animal has killed its first human prey.

But then a man DI Jon Spicer is investigating as part of an entirely different case is murdered in exactly the same way. Only this time the body is found in a secluded car park - a popular gay rendezvous far closer to the city centre. Soon Spicer finds himself hunting a killer dubbed The Monster of the Moor, a creature whose stealth and savagery strike terror into the local population and way beyond.

If Chris Simms has mastered one thing in his writing, it is that he always succeeds in getting his readers to question what they take for granted and Savage Moon is no exception. What is real, isn’t and what isn’t real might just come back and bite you.
Named recently amongst Waterstones top twenty-five authors of the future, the author employs an economy that is, at times, as astonishing as his ability to mesmerise. There’s no over descriptive prose or long-winded diatribe here, just straight shoot-from-the hip tension being delivered at almost every turn.

Chris Simms has developed believable characters, used descriptions picture like in their clarity and constructed scenarios so taut, it is difficult indeed to find fault.  Savage Moon is as powerful and unnerving a novel as is available and another significant step forward for the Manchester based author.

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