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Front cover of the book, Say You're Sorry by Michael Robotham

Michael Robotham

Say You’re Sorry

Hardcover: 448 pages
Publisher: Sphere 
ISBN-10: 1847445241
ISBN-13: 978-1847445247

27 Sep 2012

Deeply disturbing, brilliantly crafted and enthralling from first to last, Michael Robotham’s eighth thriller is undoubtedly another winner that underlines this former journalist’s grasp on all that is great about British Crime Fiction.

When Piper and her friend Tash disappeared, there was a huge police search, but they were never found. Now Tash, reaching breaking point, has escaped, promising to come back for Piper.

Clinical psychologist Joe O'Loughlin and his stalwart companion, ex-cop Vincent Ruiz, force the police to re-open the case after Joe is called in to assess the possible killer of a couple in their own home and finds a connection to the missing girls.

That the scenario is so devastatingly familiar does not begin to describe the tactful, diplomatic and ultimately poignant way in which Robotham manages to covey proceedings, which is largely thanks to the delicate way in which he has crafted all of his characters.

The settings, too, add an layer to the story so that a sense of peace and anger, frustration and grief bleed through the prose in turns and so provides an ethereal reality that has a profound effect upon those reading.

Yet, above all, it is the manner in which the vast amount of twists reveal themselves – the way each is so credible, so deftly hewn from the precisely chosen words at the hands of the master craftsman –  that really take this novel to some dizzying heights that will, surely, mark Say You’re Sorry down as a consummate crime novel of the highest order.

Chris High




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