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Front cover of the book 'Shoot The Messenger'.Shane Kuhn
Shoot The Messenger

Publisher: Sphere

December 3, 2015

Just a month after the release of the new James Bond movie, Spectre, hit the screens the author of the marvellously compelling Kill Your Boss, Shane Kuhn, has released the novel’s follow up, Shoot the Messenger, and lovers of the first John Lago outing are in store for another absolute treat.

The object of Lago’s affection is Alice, who also happens to be his nemesis, a fellow killer, and now the wife he never knew he wanted. Together, this thrill-seeking, lethal couple aim to take over John's former employers Human Resources Inc - a group of assassins who get close to their high-profile targets in the guise of office interns. But an anonymous tip about an FBI mole in the organization drives a wedge between the happy couple and all hell breaks loose in a hail of bullets.

In John Lago, Kuhn has created the ultimate anti-hero. Brash, bolshie, ballsy and above all brim full of bravado, here is a man you would much prefer to be on your side than on the opposite team and the way his demeanour is created is testament to the way the author immerses his readers in the action.

Added to this is the wonderful Alice, whose love of designer clothing, fine wines and the latest in lethal weaponry adds more than an extra edge to the term “Til death Do Us Part”.

Yet, amid the bullets and the bombs, what Kuhn provides and maintains so successfully is the deep-rooted sense of fun that made Kill Your Boss so successful, with an impossible amount of one liners, scenarios and asides to count yet will have the pages whipping across in a flurry.

This is not for the faint hearted. Nor is it for the lovers of the credible, but what Shoot the Messenger is, in fact, is a rip-roaring, excitement-packed and graphic ride through the most exhilarating and joyous 300+ pages of mayhem that anybody is likely to encounter.





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