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Jack Drummond

Publisher: Little Brown
ISBN: 978 0 7515 3909 7
November 5th, 2009

Front cover of the book 'Storm' written by Jack Drummond

Captivating, enthralling, devastating and, ultimately, thrilling, Storm – Jack Drummond’s second novel following the success of Avalanche – is an adventure filled with more  ups and downs than the fastest Big Dipper and enough moments of brilliance to shame the Northern Lights.


The inhabitants of the old whaling town of Melville are adventure seekers by nature, but nothing has prepared them for what lays ahead when a freak storm sweeps in from the Pacific and so sends the adventure into a battle for survival. Add to the mix a ruthless eco-warrior and the scene is set for the ride of a lifetime which, in the hands of Drummond, never becomes clichéd or tacky. Instead of merely telling the story, Drummond paints a word-portrait that can only be described as photographic in its quality and ability to mesmerise.

With strong characters, dramatic action scenes and an overwhelming sense of place that draws the reader effortlessly into the drama and never lets them go from first to last, Storm is without doubt an exemplary accomplishment in adventure thriller writing that never forces its environmentalist warnings down the throats of the reader.

Storm ... a must read novel if ever there was one.





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