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Front cover of the book 'The Drop'.

Dennis Lehane 
The Drop


September 2, 2014

Taking a short story and developing it into something as entertainingly sustainable as a novella is an art form in itself. Taking that same short story and developing it into a big budget screenplay is something else entirely. However, that is exactly what arguably the finest and most compelling crime fiction author at work today has achieved with The Drop, which is due for its cinematic release in October of this year, starring the late, great James Gandolfini.

Amiable Bob Saginowski and his not so amiable cousin, Marv, find themselves caught up in a robbery gone wrong and, hence, at the centre of an investigation that strikes at the very heart of what of the community in which they live and, of its past.

What Lehane manages to do is imbue the his characters with such biting, clearly defined brio and realism it is almost as though we as readers could be on nodding terms with them on a daily basis. Added to this are the pace and descriptive prose which – though seemingly simple to relate – constitute a breath taking artistry that all but reaches the point where one has to put the book down, stand and applaud.

Then the is the dialogue and the peripheral interactions of all those involved, which quite effortlessly, it seems, place us at the very heart of proceedings with a mastery that Derren Brown would be proud and Alfred Hitchcock himself would  doff his cap to.

That The Drop is a great novella is unquestionable. That it will also make great movie is equally as much guaranteed and will further underline the screen writing credentials of the author who has already brought us Shutter Island and Mystic River along with Tvs The Wire.

A masterpiece. Now stop reading this and go read The Drop.





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