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Michael Koryta - The Cypress House

Hardcover: 432 pages

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN-10: 0340998253

17 Mar 2011

Front cover of 'The Cypress House' written by Michael Koryta

Michael Koryta’s rich storytelling skills in The Cypress House demonstrate writing at very its best. Following up the huge success of So Cold The River with such a spellbindingly brilliant – yet entirely different – novel, shows Koryta is here to stay and that, also, that the author should surely be only a few short steps from legendary status.

Arlen Wagner has seen it in men before - a trace of smoke in their eyes that promises imminent death. He is never wrong. When Arlen and his young companion Paul Brickhill are stranded at the Cypress House with a hurricane approaching, Paul won't abandon the boarding house's enigmatic mistress Rebecca to face the storm alone. But Arlen's gift warns him that if they stay too long, they may never leave.

This is a finely woven tapestry of intrigue that perfectly encapsulates the mood of mid-thirties America in way that is fresh, absorbing and totally credible thanks to a plethora of characters who immediately jump from the page.

Added to this is a scenario so beguiling – aided and abetted by descriptive prose that are so majestic – The Cypress House is nothing more than a tour de force that is destined to take a high place of honour in the pantheon of great,. supernatural thrillers.

Chris High




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