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The Devil Can Wait

Marta Stephens
BeWrite Books
ISBN: 978-1-905202-86-7
November 6th, 2008

Image: Front cover of the book 'The Devil Can Wait' by Marta Stephens.

If you like your crime fast with brilliantly developed plotlines and believeable characters on every page, Mart Stephens’ latest Sam Harper mystery, The Devil Can Wait, is going to be right up your street.



Sam Harper is tracking down the murderers of some local teenagers who have washed ashore in the city of Chandler, Massachusetts and so plunging the place into a hive of terror. What Harper doesn’t know, however, is that the origins of the crime are wrapped in a sinister plot that emerges from overseas and will take his investigation into the depths of the South American jungles and The Vatican before threatening to harm those he holds most dear.

This is a novel that will have its readers engaged from the off and hungry for more, as each lead Harper unearths builds into a tense crescendo through some superb writing. It is, however, Stephens’ sense of place that marks this book from so many others. In the hands of a lesser writer, things might become a little bit of a mess. Not so here and it is possible to smell the sea salt, feel the humidity and taste the far of the protagonists on each and every line.

The Devil Can Wait is an absolute joy of a book that deserves every ounce of coverage it receives and the next Harper is already being awaited with much anticipation.




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