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Book review

Marshall Karp
The Rabbit Factory

Publisher: Allison & Busby
ISBN: 0749081635
April 6th, 2007

Front cover of the book by Marshall Karp: The Rabbit Factory

Some debut novels are, its fair to say, better than others. Some on, the other hand, are better than almost anything else on the market and Marshall Karp’s The Rabbit Factory very definitely slots into the second category and more.


Welcome to Lamaar Studios. Once a small animation house, it has grown into an entertainment conglomerate encompassing movies, television, music, video games, and a sprawling theme park called Familyland. When an actor portraying Familyland's beloved mascot, Rambunctious Rabbit, is brutally murdered on park grounds, Lamaar executives fear that their idyllic public image will be shattered. Feeling pressure from the studio, LAPD Detectives Mike Lomax and Terry Biggs must conduct their investigation while avoiding the public eye. But as more murders are committed, Lomax and Biggs uncover a sinister plot. Someone has a vendetta against Lamaar, a vendetta worth killing for. With the media closing in and political pressure mounting, the partners must race to discover the Lamaar-hating madman before he brings the family entertainment giant to its knees.

Singing the praises, on occasion, is the reviewer’s happy lot and, on this occasion, the praise comes from the heart. The Rabbit Factory is, quite simply, stunning. From first page – from first line, in fact – to last, Marshall Karp has created a world that the reader does not merely dip but rather plummets into, head over heels, and without wishing to stop.

With Lomax, Biggs, Big Jim, Joanie, Diana and even Andre the dog, Karp has created characters so “normal” and so real their rounded, well-adjusted “ordinary-ness” acts like a splash of cold water on a hot day.

No drink befuddled Supercops these. Just two regular guys dedicated to what they do as best as they possibly can. Yes they have problems, but who doesn’t? The difference with Lomax, Biggs and the rest is that though their personal dilemmas might be of the everyday variety, it doesn’t make them any less compelling to read about. With enough pace to drive an executive jet, enough poignancy to satisfy Danielle Steele and enough acerbic wit and humour to keep even the biggest Jon Stewart fan happy, The Rabbit Factory covers all the bases and grips like a tourniquet to boot.

Five years in the writing, the novel stands at six hundred and thirty two pages in length and so is almost two books in one. DO NOT BE PUT OFF. The Rabbit Factory is worth every single second it takes to fly through. Six hundred and thirty two pages of unadulterated magic that will make the reader sad to have finished.

“Chris, your site is like my Aunt Pearl’s attic. I thought I was going there to find one thing, but time passed, and I found myself rummaging about, digging into all kinds of eclectic treasures that add up to Chris High. The only thing missing is a body in a trunk. Come on, Chris… my Aunt Pearl has one. ”
Marshall Karp - March 2007

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