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Nolene-Patricia Dougan

Publisher: Authorhous
ISBN: 1-4208-8154-X
25th October, 2006

Front cover of the book by Nolene-Patricia Dougan: Vrolok.

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Combine Historical Fiction with Dracula and what do you get? A sure fire winner, especially when the book concerned is written in a style that cannot help but insist that the pages be turned. Vrolok, the debut novel of Belfast’s Nolene-Patricia Dougan, is such a book.


Five hundred years ago Vlad Dracula ruled the Carpathians. He had a thirst for conquering worlds and fought off the invading Turks with determined ferocity. When his wife died he lost interest in destroying armies and disappeared, half a century after the death of his wife the land surrounding his once home is terrorized by sporadic unexplained murders. Isabella is born into this uncertain and dangerous land. Her mother dies in childbirth and with her mother’s death dies any chance of happiness.

There are three good influences on Isabella's life. The man who is to become her husband, her grandfather and her good friend and confidant, Katya. As the years pass by and Isabella becomes what she is destined to become, a vampire, the memories of these three people are responsible for any goodness that still lies buried in her rotting soul. When Isabella becomes a vampire, she and Vlad form an uneasy and dangerous bond. They travel through four centuries, sometimes together, often apart.

Nolene Patricia Dougan Promotional ImageThis is gothic fiction at its best. With strong characters, a compelling storyline and impeccable description, Vrolok has already received rave reviews that have included her being called the new Anne Rice, and rightly so.

The manner in which the author gets under the skin of Isabella and Vlad, without resorting to the gore factor, is both refreshing and skilful and so makes the book quite different from anything else written in the genre.

The pace of the novel could, in all honesty, be a little quicker initially, but once the book truly gets underway, there is no stopping it as the protagonists rip through the centuries on their quest.

A story within a story, within a story, Vrolok is a must-read for all fans of historical fiction with a dark twist and Nolene-Patricia Dougan should be welcomed with open arms.


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