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Chris High reviews the book Weaving Shadows by Margaret Murphy on this page.

New English Library 2004.
ISBN: 0-340-82055-1

Weaving Shadows - a book written by Margaret Murphy

Weaving Shadows

In Weaving Shadows, Merseyside author Margaret Murphy has encapsulated perfectly everything good about the British Crime genre, today.

Her central character, Clara Pascal, a prominent barrister recovering slowly from her past experiences, is led to believe that she's taking on an every-day child custody case. Clara is finding life difficult and struggles to keep the events of the recent past from affecting her friends, family and work. But sleep is growing ever more difficult to come by, as the shadows of her trauma continue to plague her nighttimes.


Then - courtesy of her friend and employer - she finds herself thrown back into taking on a criminal case she wants nothing to do with. Her client is Ian Clemence, a convicted and brutal murderer who is now the prime suspect in the death of one of his former lecturers. But once she is forced into starting her research, why is it that Clara - despite her misgivings - begins to believe that Clemence is innocent of the crimes with which he being linked?

Margaret Murphy is clinical in her prose and tantalising in her description. She writes in a style that makes - begs, almost - the reader to turn the pages so as to see what happens next, by making every word count. Her characters are 'real' and their situations convincing. Read the section where the victim is discovered and you'll realise that you know everything you need to about the discoverer, inside of five lines of meeting them. Such is the ability of the author.

As a sequel it works brilliantly, but that does not mean to say that its predecessor - Darkness Falls - needs to be read so as to be able to follow this story.

The world of Crime fiction has moved on from Holmes and Frost and Morse. Devotees of this genre are demanding a more informed better-researched crime novel and Margaret Murphy certainly does not disappoint in this respect. The complex storyline is deftly handled, precise, and above all, unpredictable, which makes her ability to enthral even more powerful. The plot ducks and dives, twists and turns on every page, but never in a confusing or confused manner and is a story which climaxes in a way that can only amaze.

As fellow author Mo Hayder has said: "Margaret Murphy is just what British crime writing has been waiting for."

Margaret Murphy's latest novel - 'The Dispossessed' - is currently available in hard back. It is due for release in paperback on July 4th, 2005.

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“I've just read your review of Weaving Shadows.
Wow! Thank you. I'm... I'm speechless. Well, almost
You've done a terrific job of tantalising the prospective reader without giving away any crucial elements of the plot. Which isn't always the case... I like the links you've set up - clever, and helpful - thanks. And you've been so very kind. I'm actually blushing.
Margaret Murphy   -   April 2005



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