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Front cover of the book 'You Can Run'.

Steve Mosby
You Can Run

Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: Orion
ISBN-10: 1409157539
ISBN-13: 978-1409157533
6th April, 2017

Steve Mosby’s latest outing You Can Run is – not to put too fine a point on it – sensational. I could leave this there really, but this is a novel that’s so good, it is a pleasure to report why.

When a stolen car crashes into a house on a suburban street, the police are shocked to discover a woman being held captive inside the building. As the remains of many more victims are found in the house, it seems that the Red River Killer - who has been abducting women for twenty years and taunting the police with letters about his crimes - has finally been identified.

As the hunt for the killer intensifies, DI Will Turner finds the investigation edging dangerously close to uncovering his own demons. He must be the one to catch the killer while keeping his own past buried. 

What’s so good about You Can Run? Pretty much everything, but it is the depth and breadth of the characters. Not only are Will Turner and Emma Beck, his partner, beautifully drawn they are neither stereotypical. Equally, neither are the antagonists – the identity of whom becomes clear early on, so the plot takes the twist of becoming a why rather than a who – in any way predictable. This is largely due to a delicately crafted plot that is as enthralling as it is original.

The dialogue – and the moments where a paucity of literal reported dialogue is required – darkens and lightens proceedings in equal measure, whereas the sense of time and place, along with the delicately fractured timeline, all adds to encroaching atmosphere.

Fabulously deft, ridiculously well executed and a novel to read in one hit if ever there is one, Steve Mosby’s You Can Run is an absolute winner in every respect.




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