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10CC live in concert 2012: Copyright Ian D. Hall10cc

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

May 5th, 2012

2 hrs 40 minutes.

Graham Gouldman’s musical ability is ingrained so deeply into the British music psyche that he was not only able to perform a selection of 10cc songs, the main part of the evening, but also to provide his own support in an evening dominated by incredible music and long forgotten memories. Along with other members of his touring band, Graham Gouldman played songs in the first set from his time as an aspiring music writer for other bands, including Herman’s Hermits, The Yardbirds, Wayne Fontana and The Hollies.


The soundtrack to people’s lives flashed before them in a small but perfect set that consisted of great music and wonderful song titles such as Pamela, Pamela, Bus Stop, the exquisite No Milk Today and For Your Love. Graham even managed to fit in a couple of extra tunes in from his soon to be released album Love and Work. These two songs were well received and the song Memory Lane has the feel of a song that will be included in his sets for many years to come.

The main part of the evening was reserved to pay homage to the 40th anniversary of the iconic 10cc’s first single, Donna, being released. This is a song that’s so good, it got played twice during the night by Graham and his band, Rick Fenn, Mark Wilson, Mike Stevens and Paul Burgess. The second at the very end of the evening was a very special affair with an astonishing acappella version which had the audience giving a standing ovation.

Amongst other tracks performed during the night was the brilliant Feel the Benefit, I’m Not in Love, Dreadlock Holiday and Good Morning Judge. An excellent night of music for the fans and for a wider audience who deserve to hear more of this man’s amazing work.

Ian D. Hall

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