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Liverpool Summer Pops
Aintree Racecourse
Sunday July 15, 2007

Image: 10cc live in concert 2007


With seeing 10cc in Liverpool again, there was a strange kind of symmetry involved. The very first band I’d ever paid to see way back in 1980 were on the road once more, though without original members Godley, Creme & Stewart, leaving just stalwart Graham Gouldman to hold the fort.


A tribute band then? Well maybe, but boy, WHAT a tribute band. With support band China Crisis warming up the audience nicely, this was certainly a night to remember, with outstanding, versatile performances from all involved.


Wall Street Shuffle kicked off proceedings, with the bespectacled, greying haired Gouldman hammering out the bass line with stunning prowess, with Rick Fenn adding the meaty vibe of the song with faultless guitar. Indeed, what made the night was the musical performances of all. Mike Stevens on keyboards – and, later, on immaculate alto-saxophone during the encore of Rubber Bullets that lasted an eternity – was outstanding, whereas percussionist and vocalist for the Stewart numbers, Mick Wilson, was note and timing perfect. Drummer, Paul Burgess, drove the whole ensemble along with some powerhouse rhythms that fair stopped the breath.

And so, as they say, the hits kept coming. The Things We Do For Love, I’m Mandy (Fly Me), Good Morning Judge and Life Is A Minestrone transported the crowd back to a time when songs actually meant something and could, yes, be understood. Art For Art’s Sake – a delicate little number about corporate greed – began with a rip-roaring riff from Fenn, then simply got better, whereas Lol Creme’s high-pitched vocals for Donna were superbly replicated by Wilson, with the addition of a mobile phone tone instead of the old style ringing telephone at just the right moment.

After Gouldman’s display of just how many people he’d written hits for in an unplugged section – including The Hollies (No Milk Today) and The Yardbirds (For Your Love) – then came the masterpieces of the 10cc catalogue, I’m Not In Love (has anything yet been written to top this as an all time greatest love song) and Dreadlock Holiday, before the band were waving their farewells.

Ready To Go Home, a beautiful ballad and the band’s last official single, set off the encores, before a resounding, masterful, power-laden version of Rubber Bullets – THEfirst song EVER to be banned by the BBC – closed the show once and for all.

10cc – in another guise, perhaps – still know how to deliver the goods and I urge anyone who has them coming their way to go and see them.

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