Review of Hallam FM Arena 10th February 2007


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Art On Ice starring Chris de Burgh


Hallam FM Arena, Sheffield
Saturday 10th February 2007

Art On Ice Promotional image

Chris de Burgh - Art On Ice

Hallam FM Arena Sheffield
10th February 2007

Driving from London on the M1 in heavy rain was not much fun but I just kept reminding myself that only two days previously snow had closed roads to the north! My travelling companion and I met up with other friends at the Arena, all Chris de Burgh fans of course!

The audience was actually a bit thin on the ground in places but the compere for the evening had winning ways and had soon 'warmed us up'. He divided the two sides of the venue into "fish" and "chips". Naturally we felt compelled to applaud louder to outdo the other side and it worked very well!


Art on Ice featured international ice skaters who had won medals at European, World and Olympic Championships. A group of four acrobats called "Atlantis" also performed on the stage. Their acts were very reminiscent of those seen in Cirque du Soleil. Dressed alike in body suits they were perfectly synchronized in every movement.


For the first half of the evening's entertainment artists performed to quite unusual pieces of music. These were most varied, drawing out the skills of solo skaters and ice dancing couples alike. Included in this part was a very clever depiction of Charlie Chaplin complete with juggling on ice and later the portrayal of sword fighting. During this sequence of scenes "Atlantis" appeared to give a faultless performance. It was outstanding.

Hallam FM Arena 10th February 2007After a short interval Chris de Burgh with his Band appeared on stage to play a number of songs live - several oldies and some from the current album "The Storyman". This section began with "Where We will Be Going" featuring a dramatic rhythmic beat. It now fell to Chris to introduce each song and announce the artists, a daunting task with many unfamiliar names to pronounce!

Each song portrayed a story which was interpreted by the skaters. "Leningrad" which tells how lovers were parted in the siege of Leningrad and re-united many years later was most beautifully portrayed by German champions Aljona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy. The most famous song by Chris de Burgh "The Lady In Red" was performed by Shae-Lynn Bourne. It is impossible to give justice to her performance by any description but be assured that it was spectacular, very sensuous and graceful.

A duet "Raging Storm" sung with Kristyna Myles, who until very recently was an unknown singer, was very powerful. Her voice has a very pure quality. Kristyna was discovered after winning a busker of the year competition and features on the new single just being released by Chris de Burgh. Russian champions Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin danced beautifully to this song.

It was a great treat for the audience to watch the British Ice Dance Champions Sinead and John Kerr give a very lively performance for the song "Say Goodbye To It All". Following this Evgeny Plushenko, who has an amazing presence on the ice, stole the show with his own unique interpretation of the well know number "Don't Pay the Ferryman."

Art On Ice finaleFor the finale "The Snows of New York" all skaters returned to the ice and then lined up to sit on the edge of the stage, holding hands and encouraging the audience to sway to the last part of the number. A large globe of the world which featured on "The Storyman" tour floated around the Arena and then, as the Band played on, the skaters led Chris onto the ice for the final bows. There were then more laps of honour and audience members fortunate to be at the ringside were able to personally congratulate the artists and shake hands with them.

Review by Chris Raymond.



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