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Britain’s Got Talent – Live

The Echo Arena, Liverpool

May 8th

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The final Britain’s Got Talent was watched by 13 million people and judging by the decibel levels of the screams inside The Echo Arena last night, 12.5 million of them were in here and 90% of them desperate to see winner, George Sampson – oh, and maybe Gin the dog – perform as they had done in their living rooms. Neither disappointed in the end, but one wonders where either will be in twelve months time. Probably on a reality TV show explaining their fifteen minutes of fame (that would be owner, Kate, doing the explaining … not the collie). In fact almost all of those on stage surely have limited shelf lives so the enthusiasm with which they are grabbing their moment should, really, be saluted.


Signature – the Michael Jackson dance duo – kicked off proceedings, followed by what Simon Cowell called “The most talented dog in Britain” (outside of guide dogs, rescue dogs, police sniffer dogs, dogs who put the washing in for their disabled owners and my dog, Duke, who can find digestives at will wherever I hide them) and then by the incomparably cute Cheeky Monkeys, performing their number from Grease.

Andrew Muir secured his billing as a Cruise line entertainer for life with a couple of nicely performed songs, Nemsis – yet another dance act – had people moving in time with them as best as their gymnastics would allow, whereas the duet of Walking In The Air performed by Andrew Johnston and Faryl Smith was a truly spine-tingling moment from ones so young.
But if there is one act above all the others who will surely be around in twelve months time, it has to be Escala. What were the British public thinking eight days ago voting in their droves for a fourteen year old dancer – who may or may not make it into the chorus line of an obscure West End show when he’s twenty – when offered the opportunity to propel these four ladies to superstardom? Here they rocked the house with Live And Let Die, complete with scaled down pyrotechnics, and then their entry Palladio and showed that if Britain’s Got Talent then this act is the most talented on show. Perhaps if they were fat, middle-aged housewives they’d have faired better in the competition?

As a programme, BGT owes a lot to the judges, Cowell, Morgan and Holden, for adding a certain spice to the evening, to Ant and Dec for their casual presentation excellence and to the ITV editorial team who highlight the best – and worst – on offer brilliantly. As a live show, however, it is the enthusiasm of the audience that kicks it on an extra gear and so turns it from being an end of the pier show of old and into a whole different monster that is at once both highly entertaining and, also, strangely absorbing. Nobody, I’d wager, came away disappointed with what they saw.



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