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Charlie Landsborough

The Story Teller Tour, 2007
The Royal Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Image: Charlie landsborough promotional Image

At the end of what has been a long tour, it must have filled Charlie Landsborough’s heart with joy to once again see the “home” peaks of The Liver Buildings coming into view on, this, the very last night of his shows promoting The Story Teller album.


As his five-piece band took the stage, one by one, the audience were treated to solo pieces from Pete Brazil on lead guitar, accordion and harmonica, Pete Arriss on Bass, Tony Arriss and Jason Forrester on keyboards and Gerry Freeman on drums, before Charlie Landsborough himself took to the stage, dressed in trademark felt hat and red blazer, to light up the evening with some quite astonishingly beautiful songs.


Just Passing Through set the mood, with the Dylan classic, Blowing In The Wind, following quickly and seamlessly on its heels.

Image: Charlie Landsborough live in concert 2007With highlights of the night being What Colour Is The Wind, Daddy?  My Heart Would Know – a song dedicated to Charlie’s late brother, who sadly passed away having suffered Alzheimer’s disease – and the truly beautiful Too Good To Last, performed with a keyboard accompaniment that could make angels cry, Charlie delivered the goods and struck a fine balance between the ballads and the more upbeat songs he delivered, through his familiar country/folk style.

In between songs, Charlie cracked jokes and read dedications to his many admirers – afraid of disappointing anybody by missing them out – which only goes to prove that there are still one or two entertainers around who – despite their successes – have not forgotten who it is that have made their careers and Charlie Landsborough, without doubt, is one of the industry’s rarities in this respect; a genuine gentlemen with a massive talent who deserves every little bit of recognition he gets.

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