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Chris High reviews CdeB at Anfield Liverpool

Chris de Burgh: Magic 1548 ‘The Storyman’ Launch

The Trophy Room, Anfield
Liverpool Football Club
Thursday 19th October, 2006

Chris de Burgh

Chris de Burgh Live Review -
Anfield Liverpool October 06

A single microphone stand, a gleaming black piano and the resplendent surrounding’s of Liverpool Football Club’s revered Trophy room. What better place to launch an album, especially when that album is such winner itself.

At a little after eight, after the haunting theme of The Storyman had faded away, Chris de Burgh took to the stage with a wave and a smile, had a brief chat with host for the evening, Phil Easton, before the one hundred or so invited guests were treated to a range of songs from the album, mixed some of the old favourites.

The opener of the night, fittingly, was the first single, One World, and it was clear that here is a man on form. Chris de Burgh’s voice was note perfect, with a range that was exemplary as he played guitar and sang.

Pausing between songs to explain their meaning, he looked happy and relaxed, welcoming those who had travelled far – especially Doris, who had flown in from Dortmond – as much as those who had travelled barely at all.

The tempo dropped a little with the second song, Spirit, but it has to be said that this was the highlight of the evening. The haunting lyrics of this tale, along with its gentle melody, were performed superbly. If Chris does this half as well on the upcoming tour, it will be something to see for this song alone.

Leningrad, Grace Of A Dancer and My Father’s Eyes all followed hot on its heels and all were performed incredibly well, with the setting fitting each song immaculately. Again, if the upcoming tour has such a wonderful backdrop, we are all in for something of a treat.

Almost inevitably, Lady In Red was then let loose from the stable, to signal the release of other thoroughbreds in its wake. Spanish Train was performed so well here it was as though the years had been stripped away, such was the power and depth the man put into the vocals. Next up A Spaceman Came Travelling and then a truly moving version of The Snows Of New York, with all being received with rapturous applause.

Then came The Storyman itself. A song that comprises of references to some 30 of Chris’s songs, this is set to be a show-stealer of epic proportions, in the way Chris’s enthusiasm bursts forward when singing it. To close the show proper, Chris sang Don’t Pay The Ferryman, though he had to try more than once to get the audience to sing the “Don’t Do It” part to his satisfaction, the song is clearly a classic that never ages.

Chris then took a couple of questions from the audience, before settling down once more behind the piano to break into a very special version of You’ll Never Walk Alone, the Liverpool FC anthem, before finally stepping from the stage with a bow and a wave.

This was a truly special evening, set off perfectly by a masterly performance from its star. As accessible as ever, Chris then posed for photographs and signed copies of the CD, until at last he was away into the night, preparing himself, no doubt, for the road that lays ahead and the many more such special occasions to come.

With special thanks to Lesley Marshall and all at Magic 1548 MW, for making this such a special evening.



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